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We can supply and fit tyres for cars, 4x4 and light commercial
Tyre Price Request Form
If you would like a quote for a tyre for your vehicle please fill in the following information.
Below explains what information we require from you to enable us to price up a tyre and give you an exact quote, this information can be found on the side of the tyre wall.

Alternatively, pop into our garage and we will take down the tyre sizes for you.
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Laser Tracking Wheel Alignment
Premium Tyres

Premium tyre brands invest millions of pounds in new models of tyres. Many years of research are put into development and testing. If you want the latest in tyre technology fitted to your car you will usually have to pay more for it.
Run Flat Tyres

If the worst were to happen and you lose all tyre pressure the use of Run Flat Tyres will see that your vehicle is still drivable and safe.
These work by keeping the tyre beads attached to the wheel. This prevents the side wall from collapsing even at zero pressure.
Green/Economical Tyres

Sometimes called Low Rolling Resistance tyres, have been designed to give vehicles better fuel economy without compromising on performance and grip. Silica is introduced to the tyre compound material which reduced the amount of energy required to move the tyre
Seasonal Tyres

You will be out and about in your car in all types of weather and all types of conditions - but are there tyres better suited for any particular season? As always if you’re not sure give us a call & we’ll help find the right tyres for you.

Summer Tyres

These tyres have a simple tread pattern which is ideal for maximising grip and friction with the road. The offer fantastic performance in both the wet or dry. They are perfect for long summer drives as due to their narrower grooves they will usually be a lot quieter than winter tyres. They will also be more economical - the thinner grooves mean that less of the tyre is in contact with the road and so less energy is required to move the vehicle along.
Winter Tyres

The number of accidents in cold, wet and icy weather is more than 2.5 times that of the milder months.

If it’s snowing, or if there is ice on the road you want a tyre that is going to keep you in control.

Winter tyres will generally have a much heavier and thicker tread than summer tyres.  Fat and chunky grooves that are deep and wide make sure that you always have the best braking capability possible.  The tyre should have a reasonably big grooves that start at the edge of the tread and work their way towards the centre of the tyre. 

One quarter of the surface area of the tyres should be grooves.
A Tyres for all seasons

These tyres give the best of both worlds.

For the varied climate of the UK these give you good grip the whole year round but combine the quieter drive of summer tyres but the security and traction of a winter tyre.

It makes sound operational and financial sense to make sure that the wheels on your vehicles are correctly aligned

At Cobra Cars, we have THE LATEST laser tracking gauges to check your wheel alignment. If you notice that your tyres are suffering from excessive or uneven wear, or perhaps your steering is pulling to the left or right, then it is likely that your wheel alignment is out.
Potholes and uneven road surfaces can affect your wheel alignment causing unnecessary tyre wear and therefore costing you extra money.

Using laser equipment, the procedure aims to align to within 0.15° accuracy

The Benefits

The potential benefits of carrying out wheel alignment are:
Reduced fuel usage.  Incorrect wheel alignment increases rolling resistance and  makes your engine work harder
A 1° mis-alignment on one axle could increase fuel consumption by around3%
Improved tyre life.  A 0.5° misalignment can reduce tyre life by up to 50%
Reduced carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions
Less stress on mechanical components
Improved driver comfort and safety.  The driver will not have to fight the steering to keep the vehicle straight.  Reduced driver fatigue and lowers the potential risk of long term arm, shoulder and neck problems
Reduced potential for tyre overheating
Book your car in and have your wheels checked on our laser gauges to see if we can save you money and improve your cars handling!
Just £25.00 plus VAT
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